Hello, my name is Daniel from Pickle Life!


Daniel Moore, former #1 world ranked pickleball player, won 6 National Titles, TOC and the U.S. Open and was named 2015 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year.  After playing collegiate tennis at Azusa Pacific University, he started pickleball in 2013 when his father suggested “this is probably your only chance to become a national champion at something”.  In 2016 he started Pickleball Trips, taking pickleball players to world-class destinations around the world, and has introduced pickleball to several countries, including Japan where he lives.  He has also taught in over 15 countries around the world and traveled to over 60.   

When in Japan, he promotes pickleball and runs Active Travel Japan, a custom travel business based in Nagano.  Daniel enjoys snowboarding, hiking, traveling and introducing pickleball to players around the world. 

Daniel Moore
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What is a pickle ball?

Pickle Ball is a sport that is the same size as the badminton court and uses a plate-shaped paddle to strike a ball with holes. Pickle balls come in both doubles and singles, but doubles are common. The size of the coat used is the same for both. The biggest feature is that a rally can be done in about 60 minutes after receiving a lecture, the perforated ball receives the resistance of the wind, and the speed of the ball weakens even if you hit it strongly, so a simple sport that seniors and adults to children can enjoy as a mix is.

It is said that it is "the most growing sport in the United States" because it is booming mainly in the senior generation in the United States due to its good strength without being too loose and not too intense as an exercise.


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American sports

In 1967, Bob O'Brien in Washington made a pickle ball court in the backyard, and the sports devised with Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell are not only in the United States but now Canada, Spain, India, France, UK, GB, Netherlands It is also spreading in the world. Many manufacturers are also entering pickle balls.